Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Rogers Park

NOH Neighbor Wants "shrine" Removed

Ald. Moore, Commander Rottner & Superintendent Erickson,

The North Howard Neighbors Association is requesting immediate City action to clean up the mess at NE corner of the Jonquil/Paulina intersection. The 'mess' is the graffiti and debris obstructing the 'PUBLIC way per the attached photos. After the shooting yesterday morning, at this location, it is difficult to understand why our neighborhood must continue to endure this. Last night people continued to gather here despite several calls to 911. The NHNA further request that this type of 'display' be totally prohibited in the future, on this corner (across from The Harold Washington Memorial Playground) or anywhere else in our community!

Mike Luckenbach

Note: It's unclear who removed the debris but it was not there as of 9am this morning.


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