Monday, July 10, 2006

Rogers Park

Crash brings calls for increased intersection warnings
Pioneer--The intersection of Rogers and Touhy has been the scene of many minor fender benders over the years but on Saturday the crash was serious.
A man in a neck brace was lifted carefully onto the litter and taken to the Chicago Fire Department ambulance as another man in a neck brace sat on the sidewalk.

Paramedics take motorcyclist to waiting ambulance as driver of vehicle waits on the curb.
In the middle of Rogers, a northeast/southwest street, was a motorcycle, facing north, wedged under the undercarriage of a car facing northwest. The bike was parallel to the car as if the rider saw him coming and tried to swerve out of the way or dump the bike.
“It’s always something on this corner,” said one man whose house was directly in front of the accident. He came out when he heard the crash.

“No one ever stops at that stop sign,” said another man. More....

Dangerous Condition

An electrical conduit lies on the street yesterday after apparently being hit and knocked loose by a truck traveling east on Rogers. Live wires could be seen protruding from the junction box that connected the yellow caution light on the Metra overpass at Rogers, just across the street from Runge's Auto Repair.


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