Thursday, July 06, 2006

Rogers Park

Wanted for Financial Exploitation of the Elderly

Area Three Detective Division
June 30, 2006, RD# HM 415301 et al, #630-06-017

The Chicago Police Department is looking for an offender who has telephoned six elderly women and identified herself as Stephanie Adams Hall, an employee of Blue Cross/Blue Shield Insurance. She fraudulently claims that the victims’ Blue Cross/Blue Shield Health Insurance or Disability Insurance Premiums are seriously overdue. She warns that if payment is not made immediately, their insurance will be cancelled. The offender makes arrangements to go to the victim’s home and pick up the money. She also requires that the victims reimburse her for traveling expenses, sometimes claiming additional funds for her car being towed or in need of repair.

On one occasion, an unknown male placed the original call and advised the victim that Stephanie Hall would come to her residence to pick up the money owed.

In another incident, the offender was seen leaving the victim's residence in a vehicle bearing license plate #8505662, registered to a 2003 Chevy Blazer.

If you have any knowledge of similar incidents or are contacted by this woman, please call the Chicago Police immediately. Talk with your neighbors about these incidents. Bring this information up at other gatherings you may attend informing as many people as possible.

Area Three Robbery/Burglary/Theft, 312-744-8263


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