Monday, July 17, 2006

Rogers Park

Ald. Moore:
"Not Ready to Support Island Groove Liquor License"

Citing "community concern and strong opposition by area residents" Alderman Moore "cannot support the liquor license for Island Groove Cafe at this time" according to Mike Land in a telephone conversation Friday afternoon. Land said that the Alderman also had serious reservations about liquor being served next door to the 7650-54 North Sheridan Road building which has and continues to be a trouble spot. The building is owned by Sargon Isaac who does not enjoy a good reputation with neighbors and whose questioable business practices have stalled the Beachview Development Project.

Alderman Moore is however supporting the PPA license ( Public Place of Amusement ) which does not require a zoning variance ( Special Use Permit ) as does the liquor license approval. In practical terms, the Cafe will still be able to have live music but it will be a BYOB establishment for the time being.

Althought the ZALUC Committee overwhelmingly approved the liquor license application last Tuesday night, Moore wants the owners and establishment to "earn the trust of the community and is willing to revisit the zoning variance at a later date."

Gary Fuschi

North Side bomb threat a hoax

STNG--The Chicago Police Department responded to a bomb hoax on the North Side Sunday morning.
The police Bomb & Arson unit responded to a bomb threat at 8:17 a.m. on the 1600 block of North North Park Avenue, according to police News Affairs officer Marcel Bright.
The threat was “nothing more than a hoax,” according to Bright.

Police Respond to Shots Fired NOH
from 24/7 HowardWatchers


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